We are a School which specializes in the instruction of Life, Surplus Lines and Property / Casualty Insurance to pass the State Insurance Exams. We have maintained a very high and successful passing ratio due to our highly trained instructors and teaching methods. Our classes are small to provide the personal attention and needs of our students. Our staff has a collective experience of more than 100 years in the insurance industry.
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State: CA

A Southern California School of Insurance Provider #: 73681

Insurance test date: Fastest method, go to www.insurance.ca.gov Or call 1-800-967-9331

TESTING PROVIDER: California Department of Insurance

EDUCATION METHOD: Classroom or Online Study

* 40 hrs - Life Agent
* 40 hrs - Fire/Casualty Broker-Agent
* 12 hrs - Ethics & Code


* Original certificate of completion must be submitted to the CDI with license application. A copy will not be accepted.
* Applicant must pass state exam within one year of applying for license or they must re-apply and re-pay for license application. (education is not required again).
* Certificates are valid for 3 years. Applications submitted to the DOI 1/1/07 and after, must have a certificate that is no more than 3 year old.
* Applicant does not have to have a sponsoring company at the time of getting a license, but they must have one before transacting business.


* Applicants who are CLUs, CPCUs, LUTCFs, AAIs or CICs are exempt from 40 hr course but not 12 hrs of ethics & code
* Applicants claiming funeral exemption (selling less than $15,000 of insurance)
* Cargo Shipper's Agents
* Resident applicant who held a license in good standing in a previous state and completed 40 hours of prelicense education for each line held in that state.


* If at least 40 hours of education was taken to get license in home state, then applicant is exempt from the 40 hr course, but not the 12 hrs of ethics & code.